Ingredients (4 people)


Rice (warm) 700g


*vinegar 2 tablespoon

*sugar 2 tablespoon

*salt 2 tablespoon


dried mushroom 2

carrot 50g


⁂ sake for cooking 1 tablespoon

⁂ sugar 2 teaspoon

⁂soy sauce 1 tablespoon

⁂ mirin 2 teaspoon


Salad oil 1tablespoon



Silk brocade eggs 40g

Salmon 150g


Soak dried mushrooms in water and cut them into thin slices and take 100ml broth.

Peel carrot and cut it into fine strips.



Put *into bowl and mix * well.

Mix 1 and rice and cover them by using wet cloth after they are cooled.

Put salad oil after putting a pan on medium heat and put carrot and dried mushroom and stir-fry them.

Cook 100ml broth and 2 on medium heat till broth isn’t.

Mix 4 into 2.

Put salmon and silk brocade egg on them. 


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