Sakura Festival in Leeds vol.3

Event Report

8th June 2019 11:00 - 16:00 @Leeds Kirkgate Market

Sakura Festival in Leeds vol 3 was held in 8th June, 2019 at the Kirkgate Market in the city centre. 

This time, Sakura Festival in Leeds vol 3 was held after the second ones in November 2018.  The third theme was "Introduction of Japanese Traditional Culture and Japanese Modern Culture", with the goal of getting more visitors than the first and second ones.

 Thankfully, the Sakura Festival in Leeds vol3 activity was featured in the local BBC and Yorkshire newspapers before the event, and we got the attention luckily.

 On the day of the event, a part of the Kirkgate market which is popular as a local market was set as a venue. Thanks to the venue location, in addition to the participants who intended to come to the event,  many local people were also exposed to Japanese culture.  The contents experienced by the participants included traditional ones such as kimono, and calligraphy. As modern Japanese culture experiences, contents included Japanese food, free reading of fashion magazines Japanese cosmetics experience. In addition to these, we called  guests as stage performers, included Opera singers, traditional dancers and traditional Japanese instrument performers.


Happily both those who have never experienced Japanese culture and those who have always love Japanese culture have filled with smile through the festival. A lot of people gave us comments" They were impressed with these new experiences"

 The number of visitors on that day was ~ people, and the profit ~ was a wonderful result, and it ended successfully.

 Sadly, the Sakura Festival in Leeds vol. 3 has ended, but we hope the Sakura Festival will continue to be an event that will be loved by people in Leeds and that will contribute to getting an interest from people in Japanese culture. 


Meet The Team

Shun Inoue.jpg

Shun Inoue

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Hana Kageyama

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Fuka Hosokawa

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Nana Sato

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Kana Hirohata

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Miki Igarashi

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Rei Narita

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Hanaki Koga

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Chisaki Tomoda

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Natsuko Furuhata


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