Original Recipe:


Ingredients: for 5~7 

  • Pancake mix 100g 

  • Egg x1 

  • Sugar 1tbsp 

  • Honey 2tbsp 

  • Mirin 1tbsp 

  • Milk: 70cc 

  • Red Bean Paste 


For red bean paste: 


  • BIONA Adzuki beans 230g 

  • Sugar 180g 

  • Water 200ml 


  1. place the entire can of adzuki beans (including the liquid), and the water in a pot 

  2. Pour sugar 

  3. Heat at low-heat for about 20min 

  4. Take the beans out of the pot, and get rid of the water 



  • Mix egg, sugar, honey and mirin in a bowl with a mixer 

  • after it’s well mixed, add milk, then pancake mix 

  • heat the pan on a medium-level

  • after it is well heated, lower the heat, place a wet towel on the pan for 5 sec to cool it down 

  • Place the batter on the pan, aiming the pancake to be about 10cm diameter 

  • Cook both sides of the pancake 

  • when done, take it out and wrap it with a wet towel to avoid it getting dry 

  • Place the red bean paste on the pancake, with another pancake on top 


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