Original Recipe: https://recipe.rakuten.co.jp/recipe/1280003525/

Ingredients: For 3-4 skewers

  • Rice 300g 

  • Sauce;

    • Soysauce 2tbsp 

    • Mirin 1tbsp 

    • Sake (or white wine) 1tbsp 

    • Sugar 90g 

    • Walnuts: 80g

    • Miso: 6g

    • White sesame: 6g

    • Grated ginger: if you wish 

  • Disposable chopsticks 3-4 pairs


  1. Cook rice (hard-cooked rice is preferable)

  2. Crumble walnuts and white sesame

  3. Mix the ingredients together for the sauce


  1. With damp hands, shape the rice into an oval shape and put disposable chopsticks in it, making 3-4 pieces

  2. Wait 10-20 minutes for them to dry

  3. Place them in the oven until lightly browned, turn it over so that both sides are lightly brown

  1. Spread the sauce on one side and put them back in the oven again until lightly browned. For the other side as well.


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