Original Recipe: https://cookpad.com/recipe/2581094


Ingredients: For 2

  • Dough

    • Flour 100g

    • Japanese Dashi powder 3 teaspoons

    • Egg x1

    • Water 120ml

  • Cabbage 200g

  • Favorite meat/seafood: optional

  • Toppings

    • Okonomiyaki sauce

    • Katsuobushi (Bonito flakes)

    • Mayonnaise



  1. Mix the dough together

  2. Add shredded cabbage to the dough

  3. Heat the pan(mid-strength), place cooking oil

  4. Put the dough on the pan and form it into round shape

  5. Put optional meat/seafood in the dough

  6. Cook until lightly browned

  1. Turn it over and cook until the inside is well cooked (just the same as making a pancake)

  2. Place it on a dish and spread the sauce and toppings as you like!


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