Sakura Festival in Leeds vol.1

Event Report

28th April 2018 11:00 - 16:00 @Leeds City Museum

Our first Sakura Festival was held in 28th April 2017 at the Leeds City museum. From the moment the door opened at 11am, people ranging from kids to elderly entered. Our initial goal was to host 300 guests, but this was completed within the first 30minutes of the event. 
We have made the entrance fee free in order to make the event reachable to larger groups of people. The event contained a variety of booths from food, traditional games, to Yukata trial which visitors got to experience by buying tickets on site. The activities were made possible with the help of our sponsors. 
At the end of the day, we had 2775 visitors, with the profit of roughly £800, which was donated to support the reconstruction of Kumamoto after its damage from the earthquake in 2016. The numbers were not the only elements which measured our success. During the event, many visitors asked our staff when will the Sakura Festival in Leeds be held again as they wish to experience the event again. Initially, the event was meant to be a one-time event, but due to the popular demand, we have decided to continue having our events.


・Okashino Kobai Corporation

・Saitama Prefectural Office Tourism Division​



Guest performers

・Ms. Kent Sumie 
   - Koto performer  
・Kaminari UK 
   - Wadaiko Performance Grou

Meet The Team


International Christian University

​- Liberal Arts


Kaho Sato


Nagoya University

​- Nursing

Event Contents Planning


Rino Morishita


Tokyo University of Science

​- MS. Pharmaceutical Sciences

Japan Officer

Ayuri Yamada


Hosei University

- Economics

Public Relations

Venue Management

Nao Sato


Ochanomizu University

- MA. Comparative Studies of  Societies and Culture

Vice President

Misato Shimizu


Kumamoto University

​- Literature

Japanese Tea Ceremony

​Risk Management

Yu Maeda


Kumamoto University

​- Literature

Event Contents Planning

Public Relations

Yuya Iwashita


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