Original Recipe: https://cookpad.com/recipe/3054126


Ingredients: For 16 skewers

  • Chicken thighs 600g 

  • Leek x2 

  • Sauce;

    • Soysauce 2tbsp 

    • Mirin 2tbsp 

    • Sake (or white wine) 1tbsp 

    • Sugar 1tbsp 

    • Shicimi chili: if you wish 

  • Skewers 




  1. Cut the leek into 3cm pieces 

  2. Mix the ingredients for the sauce 

  3. Chop the chicken thighs in to bite-sized pieces 

  4. Thread chicken and leek alternatively onto the skewer; 3~4 chicken pieces on each skewer 



  1. Heat the pan (mid-strength), place cooking oil 

  2. Line the skewers on the pan, cook each side for 2 minutes 

  3. After both sides look grilled, place a lid on the pan, lower the heat and let it cook for 5 minutes 

  4. Take the skewers out, make sure the chicken is cooked on the inside as well 

  5. On the same pan, pour the mixed sauce and heat at medium-level 

  6. When the sauce starts boiling, stir till the sauce thickens a bit 

  7. Place the cooked skewers back in the pan, mix with the sauce 

  8. When finished, pour some shichimi chili sauce for additional flavor. Enjoy! 


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